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"Hi I'm Pastor Matt"

“I just want to be part of something God is doing and God seems to be doing something at FLBC. I grew up in church, went through a bout with atheism in high school and college, started reading everything I could get my hands on to find the truth, I found it and now I pastor this church. I’m deeply passionate about the Bible, I’m strangely sarcastic, I love coffee and I’m sold out to the ministry of FLBC. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this church family.”

"Hi I'm Joyce"

"I’m married, but alone as a believer in my home, so I needed a church that had people in it who were genuine, supporting and real. The first time I visited FLBC I knew I had found the right place. Every week I feel loved and accepted. I know the people care about me and pray for me. However, while I go for the people, I stay for the preaching. I’m growing in my understanding of the Bible and I’m challenged, practically, to live what I believe.”

"Hi I'm Tom"

"It’s difficult to describe what it is about FLBC that makes it so unique. I love the people. I believe in the direction the church is going and the work the church is doing. I’ve found men to encourage me and help me in life. I don’t know… It’s just home. It’s where my family is and it’s where I want my family to be.”

"Hi I'm Ashley"

"I’m a Jersey girl, born and raised. I’ve also been a church girl for most of my life (though I didn’t necessarily love church). That changed when my husband and I found FLBC. It’s difficult to describe my church, but if I had to I would use words like authentic, organic and real. The preaching is like nothing I’ve heard before, and I’ve heard the Bible from the day I was born. I love FLBC because there I don’t just feel like a number, I feel wanted and needed."