About 5 years ago now, on a beautiful summer day, I was at the park with my 2 year old daughter Audrey (my only child at the time). The two of us happened to be enjoying the baby swing when it happened… another mom and child joined us, Eek!

Let me explain the fear.

The playground at the park is not unlike the watering hole in the jungle. Everyone who has children eventually ends up there to quench their thirst for a little sanity. There’s an unspoken social etiquette at the playground: you do your thing, let me do my thing, make sure your kid isn’t biting my kid and I’ll make sure my kid doesn’t take your kid’s toy. It’s civil. It’s simple. It’s normally stress free.

However, there exists, on every playground, an area that I refer to as the social wild west… the baby swings. It’s here that battle worn parents, too exhausted to care about the unwritten laws, let their hair down and engage in conversation (with an adult for a change), finally able to relax a little because the wiggly little that they are responsible for is in a safe, secure, upright, locked, and restrained position. This may not sound too frightening, but take it from a veteran… anything can happen at the baby swings.

After a few moments of swinging the other mom and I started to chat:

“Hi, I’m so-and-so.”

“Hi, I’m Julie. How old is your child?”

“Two… yours?”


“Do you live in town?”

“Yes… you?”

The conversation continued. Small talk, basic background, little things like that. For most people this situation is no cause for concern. For me, on that day, however, I found myself strangely and suddenly aware that I was a Pastor’s wife.

Do I share that with this woman I just met? Do I add the fact the my husband, the Pastor, works at the church right up the street? Should I invite her? What if she looks down on me for it? What if it gets awkward? What if she asks me a question about the Bible? What do I do?

Like I said, the conversation went on for a few minutes until one of the kids wanted to go on to something else. So, we said our goodbyes. The topic of what my husband does for a living never came up and I didn’t see fit to work it into the conversation.

You know, after a bit of reflection I began to realize that the reason I was so worked up about all this was that, at the root of it, I was ashamed. I was ashamed and afraid of rejection. Honestly, I wanted to share Christ to the families in our town, but just not by saying I was a pastor’s wife. It was time to confess that to the Lord and change.

Following this interaction I’ve grown determined to share Christ, no matter how the opportunity presents itself. I need to live out Romans 1:16. I want to live unashamed.

Stories like this aren’t reserved to pastor’s wives and the playground. This hits everyone who is a Christ-one. How are you doing with the opportunities that present themselves to you? Are you living a life that’s unashamed of the Gospel, that’s unashamed of your faith?

Recently I came across a quote from a Christian author I’ve come to connect deeply with, a woman named Gloria Furman (an author I would highly recommend). The book, ironically enough, is called The Pastor’s Wife. She says, “Being the wife of a minister may come with some baggage that the culture kicks aside as annoying, but to others in whom the Spirit of God is working, your ministry and presence in their life is what they have been hoping for when the world and their idols fail them. We dare not minimize the opportunity we have to serve others in and outside the body of Christ.”

That’s true for me and that’s true for anyone that loves, follows, and represents the hope of the world, Jesus Christ!

Truth be told, you may get rejected, you may be judged, and things might get awkward… but you may be exactly what someone needs! Be encouraged! Live unashamed!


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